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Some shameful moments of Anushka Sharma, she has taken boldly

Some shameful moments of Anushka Sharma, she has taken boldly

Bollywood, where money and everything are there. But these are not so easily found, it has to work hard. There are many actresses in Bollywood who are famous for their extraordinary performance. Apart from acting and filming, there are a lot of things involved with actresses.

For example, award ceremony, press conference, movie promotion, gym, fashion show or Bollywood party. The beauty is to go to all these places. In this case, everyone’s desire is to wear attractive clothes. However, for this reason the actresses often get trapped in the inconvenience.

Today we are going to tell you about such problems. His name is Anushka Sharma. Yes, Anushka, who has attracted everyone with acting and beauty, she also suffered a few oops moments. Today we will talk to you about this.

And then what’s the delay … let’s know the whole thing.

When it was started

In 2008, she started her career with the film Anushka ‘Rob Ne Bana the Jodi’. Shah Rukh Khan had given him with the film. The movie is very popular and then the name spreads towards the prize, and after that one movie hits the other.

Gave proof of yourself

Acting in ‘Band Baja Barat’ ‘Sultan’ PK ‘movie, Prasika proved that he has a feeling of fans.

An incident happened just a few days ago

A few days ago, Priyanka had gone with Anushka Virat in the movie ‘A Billion Dreams’.

The dress grabbed the attention of everyone

The discovery druck is not fit, which has caught the attention of the media.

Some unseen pictures

Being an actress, the media circled around her, due to which private life too came in front of the camera.

Fashion awareness is excellent

His fashion consciousness is another reason for his career success. Anushka worked with three Khan in Bollywood.

Understand everything can be handled

According to India Today, during the IIFA Orbad in Macau, he faced many problems for his drafts. While he was in the press conference, one said that his favorite actress Madhuri Dixit is going to stage stage. She wanted to see Madhushuri Dakshit’s dance, and her dress was torn in Taratari.

There was a lot of practice on the lips

There was a lot of practice on the lips of fond lips in the coffee wyth. After that many writings were written with his lips.

Twitter said openly

In February 2014, Anshka said openly on Twitter. He said that it was only because of the makeup.

Made it clear

He told everyone that ‘I want to say that I did not do any plastic surgery or any other surgery’. Then you see how the answer is straightforward answer.

Being a public person is not easy

Everyone loves to come to the limelight but the limelight is not so easy. All the time you have to think carefully about your feet. Because you know that you are watching the public and with it many cameras are moving around you.
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